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Gold, Silver, & Black Coin Dinner 2022 | Community Membership Event

Every year, community members and donors alike highly anticipate theChive’s Gold, Silver, and Black (GSB) Coin Dinner and Chive Charities’ Green Gala Weekend, aiming to celebrate their donors, recipients, and community members by spreading happiness in the world and making it 10% happier.

As the event dates draw near each year, flights are booked, road trips are planned, and accommodations are secured as Chivers from various states eagerly anticipate their pilgrimage to Austin, Texas. These community members understand that by being part of this weekend, they become a vital cog in the machinery of making the world a better, happier place, one charitable act at a time.

As the Production Assistant for theChive, my responsibilities included:

Facilitated Vendor Coordination for Event Logistics

I played a pivotal role in orchestrating seamless load-in and load-out procedures for the event by establishing strong connections with vendors. My adept communication and negotiation skills enabled the successful coordination of logistics, ensuring the timely delivery and removal of event-related materials and equipment.

Collaborated with Event Photographers to Capture Diverse Content

Working in close collaboration with event photographers, I strategized and coordinated comprehensive photoshoots, encompassing both captivating lifestyle images of guests and precise product photography for the vendor-donated items. Through meticulous planning and direction, I ensured the acquisition of high-quality visuals that not only showcased the event’s ambiance but also highlighted the featured products in their best light.

Assisted in Pre & Post-Event Setup and Tear Down

In the capacity of an instrumental team member, I actively contributed to the smooth execution of pre and post-event operations. My responsibilities encompassed a wide range of tasks, including skillfully arranging decorations, organizing raffle items, and preparing bars and dessert areas. By demonstrating a keen attention to detail and a strong work ethic, I played a vital role in creating an inviting and organized event environment for attendees.

Event Management and Stakeholder Communication

In this capacity, I meticulously managed the event’s operational aspects with the primary objective of alleviating my manager’s workload and ensuring a seamless experience for all stakeholders. As the designated point of contact, I skillfully handled all inquiries and directed questions to me, enabling my manager to focus on critical decision-making and strategic involvement. By taking charge of logistics and communication, I effectively facilitated a streamlined event execution, resulting in a successful outcome and a positive impression on all attendees and executives.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios Texas Region | Regional Marketing Coordinator

The moment you step inside any one of many Fred Astaire Dance Studios, you’ll quickly realize why they are steps above the rest. At any one of their 10+ Texas locations, learning how to dance is always FUN and EASY! On your very first lesson, you will be introduced to the Fred Astaire interrelated speed teaching method, introducing you to basic dancing.

Their expert professionals aim to build CONFIDENCE while teaching you in a FUN, EASY and relaxed manner. They are proud of the atmosphere of kindness, warmth and fun that awaits you at all their locations. Step inside, and discover an energy and sense of “FADS community” that is welcoming, 100% non-judgmental, and truly joyful!

I even got to step onto the dance floor during their Holiday Star Ball 2019 where I showed off the skills I learned from the amazing staff and instructors at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios The Woodlands location!

As the Regional Marketing Coordinator for Fred Astaire Dance Studios Texas Region, my responsibilities included:

Develop Graphic Design Assets for Marketing Campaigns & Events

I was responsible for conceptualizing and producing high-quality graphic design elements tailored to the campaign/event objectives.

Utilizing my creative expertise and design tools, I crafted visually engaging assets that effectively conveyed the campaign’s message and resonated with the target audience. The visual elements effectively conveyed each campaign/event, connecting people on an emotional level and motivating them to take that next step in their dancing journey.

Check out all Fred Astaire Dance Studio graphics that I created HERE.

Curate Social Media Content Throughout Campaign & Event Lifecycles

Throughout the entire campaign/event, encompassing its pre-launch and post-launch phases, I took charge of crafting captivating social media posts.

My approach involved leveraging strategic planning and content management to ensure consistent engagement with the audience across various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These efforts significantly contributed to amplifying each campaign/event’s reach and generating meaningful interactions.

Execute Real-Time Content Capture During Events

On the day of dance events, I executed real-time content capture to seize dynamic and compelling moments.

With a keen eye for detail and quick adaptability, I efficiently documented the event’s progress, interactions, and highlights. This resulted in a diverse array of multimedia content that was subsequently leveraged to reinforce the event’s impact and showcase its success.


The following list shows how I was an integral part of various events from the end of 2019 to 2021, wearing multiple hats to ensure their success. From crafting visually captivating graphics that set the tone to orchestrating engaging social media and email campaigns, I contributed to every aspect of event planning.

Behind the scenes, I meticulously handled event setup and breakdown, ensuring seamless execution. As the point person for event registration, I managed inquiries and streamlined the registration process to create a welcoming experience for attendees.

Additionally, my role extended to content creation and capturing the essence of each event, ensuring that the memories made are preserved.


  • Pumpkin Spice Spotlite 2019
  • Holiday Star Ball 2019


  • Texas Grand Championships 2020
  • Audition Day 2020
  • Lonestar Dance Challenge 2020
  • Astaire City Lights 2020
  • Virtual Master Class
  • WIRED Team Match 2020
  • Virtual Cooking Class with MAD Master Chef Luis Roger
  • Ocean’s 11 Rhythm of the Night 2020
  • Trophy Ball 2020
  • In the Heights Audition Day 2020
  • Oktoberfest Team Match
  • Texas Open Dancesport Classic 2020
  • Regional Spotlight 2020
  • Holiday Star Ball 2020


  • Texas Grand Championships 2021
  • Freddy Awards 2021
  • Astaire City Lights 2021
  • Topsy Turvy Team Match 2021
  • Cinco de Mayo Regional Spotlight 2021
  • Lonestar Dance Challenge 2021
  • Rhythm of the Night 2021
  • Texas Open Dancesport Classic 2021


The following list shows where I’ve played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and executing impactful programs for the Fred Astaire Dance Studios Texas Region I’ve had the privilege to be a part of.

As a key contributor, I was actively involved in the ideation phase, working collaboratively to conceptualize innovative programs that align with organizational goals and objectives. Whether it’s developing employee training initiatives, customer engagement programs, or community outreach efforts, I thrive on turning ideas into actionable and successful programs.

My role extends beyond conception; I take pride in spearheading program execution, ensuring seamless implementation and achieving measurable results. From coordinating logistics to overseeing participant engagement, I’m dedicated to creating and running programs that leave a lasting positive impact.