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Gold, Silver, & Black Coin Dinner 2022 | Community Membership Event

Every year, community members and donors alike highly anticipate theChive’s Gold, Silver, and Black (GSB) Coin Dinner and Chive Charities’ Green Gala Weekend, aiming to celebrate their donors, recipients, and community members by spreading happiness in the world and making it 10% happier.

As the event dates draw near each year, flights are booked, road trips are planned, and accommodations are secured as Chivers from various states eagerly anticipate their pilgrimage to Austin, Texas. These community members understand that by being part of this weekend, they become a vital cog in the machinery of making the world a better, happier place, one charitable act at a time.

As the Production Assistant for theChive, my responsibilities included:

Facilitated Vendor Coordination for Event Logistics

I played a pivotal role in orchestrating seamless load-in and load-out procedures for the event by establishing strong connections with vendors. My adept communication and negotiation skills enabled the successful coordination of logistics, ensuring the timely delivery and removal of event-related materials and equipment.

Collaborated with Event Photographers to Capture Diverse Content

Working in close collaboration with event photographers, I strategized and coordinated comprehensive photoshoots, encompassing both captivating lifestyle images of guests and precise product photography for the vendor-donated items. Through meticulous planning and direction, I ensured the acquisition of high-quality visuals that not only showcased the event’s ambiance but also highlighted the featured products in their best light.

Assisted in Pre & Post-Event Setup and Tear Down

In the capacity of an instrumental team member, I actively contributed to the smooth execution of pre and post-event operations. My responsibilities encompassed a wide range of tasks, including skillfully arranging decorations, organizing raffle items, and preparing bars and dessert areas. By demonstrating a keen attention to detail and a strong work ethic, I played a vital role in creating an inviting and organized event environment for attendees.

Event Management and Stakeholder Communication

In this capacity, I meticulously managed the event’s operational aspects with the primary objective of alleviating my manager’s workload and ensuring a seamless experience for all stakeholders. As the designated point of contact, I skillfully handled all inquiries and directed questions to me, enabling my manager to focus on critical decision-making and strategic involvement. By taking charge of logistics and communication, I effectively facilitated a streamlined event execution, resulting in a successful outcome and a positive impression on all attendees and executives.